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The Evangelical Free Church has a week of training every year for their pastors. Several years ago they asked me to teach four full days. A pastor introduced himself and gave me a card saying “You’ve been His salt in my life. Thanks!” In the card he wrote:

The card is true. God has used you in my life, my marriage, and in my ministry. I do thank the Lord and you for the materials you have created. It is wonderful to use something that works with all sorts of people with all sorts of problems.

I stumbled on to your material a year ago last October and God was using it to prepare us for working with a severely demonized man. In preparation for taking him through the Steps To Freedom in Christ, the elders and I went through the Steps first. I personally had the bondage to sin broken in my own life. As a result, my wife found freedom from her family’s occultic background.

I’m in a new church now. Not much happened the first two months, but without advertising or promoting, God has sent twelve people to me this month to go through the Steps To Freedom. There has been a great work of God in people’s hearts. Two of the Elders resigned to get their lives straightened out. One has been having an affair for the last two years. He told me that his hypocrisy didn’t bother him until I came. It was the Lord! Not me! I’m honored that God has utilized me to touch lives. I’m taking him and his wife through the Steps next week.

I took the other elder and his wife through the Steps last week. He had bondage to pornography, masturbation, and strip joints when he was on business trips. It was wonderful to see both find their freedom, renew, and deepen their relationship. What a joy and privilege to encourage people as they go through the Steps.

One of our Sunday school teachers has been experiencing night time terror, and demonic dreams. Through God’s “chance events,” she told my wife about these difficulties. I took her and her husband through the Steps two weeks ago. When we came to forgiveness I had to teach, exhort, and encourage her for over an hour. I had to physically put the pencil in her hand. It took another 30 minutes to write the first name. But eventually she made a decision and went for it. God is so good! The next Sunday there was so much joy, peace, and freedom on the face of both her, and her husband.

Dr. Neil

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