A pastor asked if I would meet with a lady in his congregation, and if he could sit in as a prayer partner. This lady was highly demonized, and it was difficult maintaining control. At one point I suggested that we take a break and go for a walk. I wanted her to know that she had a will, and could exercise it. I have come across several people who don’t realize that they have a “no” button. A thought comes to their mind, and they just obey it. One man said, I never even considered the idea that I had a choice to say no.

When we got back from our walk? I said, I sense that you’re not sharing everything with me. She nodded in agreement. Are you being intimidated, I asked. Are they threatening to leave you and go to your children or someone else you love? Are they threatening punishment when you get home for cooperating with me? Again, she nodded in agreement. I said, If you resolve the conflicts here and now, it will also be resolved at home. She said, I wish you could prove that to me. I was having dinner with the pastor that evening when she called. She said with great joy, Pastor, they’re not here either!

Encouragers should watch the eyes of inquirers. If they start looking around, get their attention right away. They are being distracted, and we need to help them focus on what we are doing. I asked an inquirer, What are you listening to, i.e. What are you hearing right now? She said, They’re laughing at you!

I must admit that was a little intimidating the first time it happened. I couldn’t help but think, My poor feeble efforts aren’t accomplishing anything. Then I realized Satan’s strategy. It was like little children standing on the other side of a chain link fence taunting a person passing by. They think they are safe behind the fence until a hole in the fence is discovered, and the person steps through it. The children run as fast as they can. When I explained that to the inquirer, the laughter stopped immediately and we continued through the Steps. That hole in the fence is the door of the empty tomb.

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