Guilty and Shamed No More

It is a horrible existence to live under guilt and shame. After taking hundreds and hundreds of people through the Steps to Freedom In Christ, I have seen their countenance change when that load of guilt and shame is lifted. Half way through the Steps I often ask, Who do you think your worst enemy is? Almost every person will say, Me! I’m my own worst enemy. In some cases that may be true, but more often than not; they are just repeating the message of irresponsible parents or the enemy of their souls, who accuses them day and night. Such was the case of the lady who sent me the following testimony through Facebook:

I was incurably mentally ill 23 years ago. I was suicidal, and manic depressive (mostly depressive). I was taking a handful of medications that didn’t work. I tried to kill myself many times, and even tried shock treatments. Then I started saying all the time: “I have power, love, and a sound mind in Jesus name.” I continued doing this for three days with the enemy yelling at me that I would always be this way. I just yelled back at him.

After three days the Holy Spirit took me through a process and I was completely healed, and I have maintained that healing ever since. I gave my testimony to an older Christian lady and she loaned me your book, The Bondage Breaker, and also a video of you taking a lady through the Steps. It was the same process the Lord took me through via the Holy Spirit. I tell everyone with “mental illness” who is a Christian to do the Steps in that book. I thank God He gave you the wisdom to write it out.

Dr. Neil

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