Conflicting Perspectives

The co-ed I mentioned yesterday found her freedom in Christ. The root of her problem was abusive parents, and forgiving them set her free. The change was so remarkable that anyone who knew her couldn’t help but notice the change. I encouraged her to direct all questions to me, because I didn’t want her to be the center of any controversy. She was the part-time secretary of the Dean overseeing the School of Intercultural Studies. He called me the next day and said, “I have been instructed to ask you what happened to my secretary.”

At his invitation, the three of us had lunch together where he proceeded to give us a cultural explanation of her new found freedom. Being a cultural anthropologist, he believed he could explain everything on the basis of culture. Never once did he ask me what I did to help her. It was a strange experience and I told the co-ed to let it pass. We all see life from our own perspective. A psychiatrist would probably see her as schizophrenic, or say she has a chemical imbalance. A psychologist may concur or see her as having a split personality, or inner child of the past. A new age guru or spiritist would see her as a channeler or avatar.

Her ability to point out people’s sins was coming from the voices she was hearing. When she was free, the demons were gone and her mind was quiet. Those voices had been her companions for years and she missed them. She had to learn how to live in her new found freedom. She did graduate and became a missionary to Africa where she later married.

I learned a lot from that experience. It was the last time that I dialogued with a demon in another person. When a demon manifests like that, the person you are trying to help is being totally by-passed. They won’t recall anything that happened during that time. Besides getting information from demons is not advisable since they all speak from their own nature and they are all liars. If you pay attention to a deceiving spirit yourself, or through another person, you will be deceived. Why should we want a demon to manifest anyway? That only glorifies Satan. We want to see God glorified and that happens when His presence is manifested. Then everything is done decently and in order.

Dr. Neil

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