There are various degrees of demonic interference. The most common are thoughts like, This isn’t going to work, or He can’t help you. The most common physical symptoms are headaches, and nausea. Some feel like they are going to vomit. I always say, Thanks for sharing that. It will all be gone when we are done, and it is. NO, you don’t vomit up demons as some ill-informed have tried to do.

I have had some become unresponsive. It is not hard to recognize that they are being intimidated. I have said, Nod you head if you can hear me, and they nod in agreement. But you can’t speak. Is that what you believe? Again, they nod in agreement. They actually can speak, but they don’t believe they can, so they don’t. Some could actually go catatonic. The lights are on, but it seems like no one is home.

The first time that happened to me I was really perplexed. I moved my hand up and down in front of the inquirer’s face. I didn’t know what to do, so I turned around in my chair and took some messages off my computer. About 15 minutes later I could hear the person stirring in the chair. So I turned around and said, Are you okay? The person was okay and we continued on. I would do that differently today.

That hasn’t happened to me in years, because I take more precautions at the beginning. I ask for their cooperation to share what is going on inside. But if it did happen I would calmly say out loud (not shouting), Satan, you have no authority here. You can open your eyes now, and they do.

I was in Romania dealing with a man who had a major porno addiction. Various “exorcisms” had been attempted with no lasting results. As soon as we started moving toward resolution he lost it. His eyes rolled back in his head and oppression filled the room. After a few minutes of “show time” I said, You don’t have to do that. It is just a thought that has no power over you unless you give in to it. We had no control problems after that.

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