Biased “Truth”

Question from an email friend:

My daughter-in-law is struggling with an obvious mental illness. Her mother thinks she has been drugged, and one home test did show positive for meth. There is no evidence that anyone has drugged her. Can mental break-downs, chemical imbalances, or other psychotic behavior reproduce chemical changes in the body that might resemble meth, and its effects on the body? Everyone involved profess to be Christians. There has been so much confusion and denial of her mental illness that we need to find some truth.

The mother of the young lady would like to believe that her daughter has been drugged, which absolves her from any responsibility. In defense of his son and family, the father-in-law would like to believe that his daughter-in-law is mentally ill. The chances of a neurologically based mental illness creating a false positive for meth would be highly unlikely. A blood test would conclusively reveal that meth was in the system, but how did it get there?

Could she have been drugged? It’s possible, but lying is the chief characteristic of those who are addicted to anything. Is she mentally ill? The truth is in the young lady. Will she voluntarily submit to drug tests, and will she voluntarily submit to a psychiatric evaluation? I would if I wanted to clear my name, and had nothing to hide. Wouldn’t you?

The only fly in the ointment is the person doing the psychiatric evaluation. On what criteria would they be making their evaluation? Secular psychiatrists do not recognize the reality of the spiritual world, and those who are spiritually bound (fearful and hearing voices) would likely be considered mentally ill. I would say to both parents that truth is not the enemy. It is a liberating friend. It is time for all to walk in the light and have fellowship with one another and stop being defensive for everyone’s sake.

Dr. Neil

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