Jesus teaches that anxious people have two treasures and two visions, because they try to serve two masters (see Matt. 6:19-34). He also teaches in this passage that double-minded people worry about tomorrow. Treasures on earth have two characteristics. First, there is the decay of all things physical, which is the law of entropy. The second law of thermodynamics says that all systems become progressively more disorderly and will eventually decay. If rust doesn’t destroy it, then moths or termites will. Second, possessing earthly treasures cause others to covet and steal, therefore a concern for security. It is hard to be anxiety free if we are worried about our possessions. Secure peoples have meaningful relationships, which physical possessions cannot provide. The critical question is; “What do you treasure in your heart?”

There is nothing inherently wrong with having material possessions. It is the love of money, not money itself, that is the root of all sorts of evil (1 Tim. 6:10). The apostle Paul said, “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way, they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life” (1 Tim. 6:17-19). There will be no peace trying to serve two masters. Whichever master we choose to serve, by that master we shall be controlled.

Jesus dealt first with our possessions, then He turned to the matter of our provision. Trusting God for tomorrow is a question of worth. Birds are not created in the image of God, but we are! Birds will not inherit the kingdom of God, but we will! If God takes care of the birds, so much more will He take care of us. Observe the lilies of the field: “If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith” (vs. 30). God lays His own reputation on the line. It is our responsibility to trust and obey. It is His responsibility to provide. This is a question of God’s integrity. Does He care for us, and will He provide for our needs? Your Heavenly Father knows what you need, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (vs. 34).

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