An Audience With the King

Two children were granted an audience with the king. Few had ever seen the king, but his reputation was well known. His creativity and accomplishments were evident to everyone. He had the power to give and take away from his subjects whatever he wanted. Consequently many feared his wrath and chose to keep their distance. Others wanted to gain his favor in order to enhance their worth and hopefully profit from his wealth. Some curious souls just wanted to know him and serve him. A few naysayers didn’t even believe he existed, and chose to live as though he didn’t. They questioned any sovereign rule over their lives.

Both children sought council from others. What should they say in his presence? How should they address him. Can there be any personal gain from such a privilege? Some saw this as the ultimate opportunity to influence the king, and suggest betters ways for him to rule. Others saw it as an incredible opportunity for personal gain. The king had the power to grant almost any wish. There was a rumor that if you gained his favor he could make you prosperous. Some suggested that the two children keep a safe distance, and speak only when spoken to lest the wrath of the king fall upon them.

One child was an opportunist. He compiled a list of issues he was concerned about, and was prepared to petition the King with his requests, which included some small favors for himself. He wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. When his time came to address the king, he shared with passion what was on his mind. The king listened, and thanked him for coming. When asked how the audience went, he said, “I think it went very well. He listened with interest to everything I had to say. He even thanked me for coming. I’m going to see if I can talk to him again tomorrow.”

The other child was just plain curious. Who was this man that had such power and was it possible to have some kind of relationship with him? He came with no fixed agenda. He marveled at the immensity of the palace and the beauty of the throne. When he first saw the king he couldn’t contain himself. Words of praise burst from his mouth, and he fell on his face before his presence. Suddenly he felt totally insignificant and unworthy to be in such a place. There was a moment of fear and wondered if the sword would fall any minute. The king leaned over and gently lifted his head, and the child looked up into the face of pure love. He was speechless. All he wanted to do was hug him and learn all about him. Never before had he ever sensed such peace.

When he was asked how his audience went with the king, he said, “I am going to spend the rest of my life getting to know him and serve him to the best of my ability. I have heard so many things said about him that are wrong, and I want to tell everyone that my King is the King of all Kings. He is full of joy and wants all his subjects to come into his presence, because they are like children to him, and he loves every one of his children the same. (From the Introduction of Liberating Prayer, Harvest House Publishers)

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