Youth Coordinator Track [UPDATE DRAFT]

Who’s it for?

For those who work with young people in any capacity—whether as a parent, grandparent, youth leader, teacher, guidance counselor or just friend. Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ (CFM 301) and Identity-Based Spiritual Formation (CFM 302) form a foundational strategy designed to help adults minister to teens in the moment when they are most open to the love of God and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out the GenFree website for more resources on helping young people walk in freedom!

Coordinator Track Includes

Self-Paced Video Courses

2 online, self-paced video courses (CFM 301 & CFM 302). The courses are divided into 4 modules. Each module consists of an introductory video, completion of a workbook section, and a wrap up video with an opportunity at the end of each module to check your understanding.

Course Materials

With registration, you will receive a copy of The Steps to Freedom in Christ for Teens, and 2 training manuals—CFM 301 and CFM 302.

Genfree Intensive

Get ready for 2 days of training and inspiration with youth ministers, leaders, counselors and families focused on helping young people find their identity and live free in Christ. Check out our Events page for dates of the next Intensive!

Note: Registration to a GenFree Intensive is separate from registration to the Youth Coordinator Track.

youth coordinator course list

CFM 301

Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ

CFM 301, Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ, is designed to give you tools to make a difference in the lives of teenagers. The course helps you in understanding 21st Century Teens, provides foundational discipleship counseling theory and practical training, as well as basics for dealing with spiritual conflict. It gives you a strategy to help teens overcome negative thoughts and bad habits, and provides strategies for dealing with teens in crisis. The course provides strategies that intentionally focus on adolescent inquirers and build on the foundational principles of Discipleship Counseling. The course starts with some help for you in the understanding of 21st century teens, known as Generation Z.

CFM 302

Identity-Based Spiritual Formation

CFM 302, Identity Based Spiritual Formation, is designed to complement CFM 301 (Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ). Rather than lead with the byproduct of spiritual maturity (good works and holy living), CFM 302 stresses the truth of the teen’s identity in Christ with the understanding that sanctified behavior follows sanctified belief. Freedom and maturity are the pillars of sanctification, or what the Bible refers to as transformed living by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2). Identity Based Spiritual Formation begins with the believer’s identity in Christ. Once a teen begins to understand and personalize the “new birth” and who they have now become through faith in Jesus, a whole new realm of possibility opens, and they are free to discover the victorious, righteously productive life that Jesus died to give them. The principles in this course are set forth with the highest degree of confidence in the Scriptures, the teachings of Freedom in Christ Ministries and years of experience and fruitfulness in teen ministry.

Note: CFM 301 and 302 are sold together as a package.They cannot be purchased separately.

GenFree is the new ministry focus from Freedom in Christ Ministries with resources for helping young people walk in freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Even though CFM 301 and 302 are complementary to all other CFMU courses, these youth specialist courses, along with the youth specialist practicum, are designed to equip registrants without requiring any preliminary CFMU coursework.

To explain your situation and get answers to these questions, call (865) 342-4000 and indicate you are interested in taking CFM 301 and CFM 302 with a group within your church or organization. Inquiries can also be made by contacting Chris Campbell at

We won’t! The courses are there for your benefit – a self-learning experience. Only if you want to complete the Practicum and become FICM certified as a youth specialist will we know anything about your knowledge and expertise. Since gaining certification requires completion of these courses prior to the Practicum, it is important that you complete them, if you want to complete the certification process.

No! Taking some other CFMU courses requires a Moodle account, but CFM 301 and 302 do not. As an alternative, these two courses are offered through a website, since there are no assignments, quizzes or tests to track. However, if you do have a CFMU Moodle account already, you will be able to access the courses through Moodle.

After you register for CFM301/302 through the FICM-USA bookstore, you will receive the website address and password, unless you already have a CFMU Moodle account. If you already have a Moodle account, you will be enrolled in the courses through Moodle, rather than through a separate website.

Please allow a day or two to receive your registration information.

To register for either or both of the courses (CFM 301, CFM 302) and the Practicum, you register through the FICM Bookstore. After you register, within a day or two, course access information and materials will be emailed and/or mailed to you.

You can register in any of three ways:

1) click here for more registration information,
2) contact the Bookstore at, or
3) call the FICM office at (865) 342-4000.

No! You don’t have to become a youth specialist to help a teen or young adult process “The Steps”. However, as mentioned in all our materials and courses for Encouragers (the term used for persons leading freedom appointments), you should not try to lead someone through “The Steps” until you have gone through the process yourself. Also, it is wise to observe someone else lead the process before attempting it yourself. (You will have opportunity to do both in a Practicum, if not elsewhere.)

We strongly recommend having someone with you as a prayer partner in any freedom appointment. (You will learn about the role of a prayer partner in the courses.) And, we encourage you to serve as a prayer partner before taking on the role of Encourager. (You get opportunity to “practice” both roles during Practicum.)

A Practicum consists of 4 days of instruction and interaction with Chris Campbell and others, like yourself, who are seeking to become youth specialists. Practicums are held at various times and various places in the U.S., depending on the number and geographic locations of participants. Check the Events page for information.

The cost of the Practicum is $399.00, and you will be responsible for your own transportation, housing, and some meals.

NOTE. If COVID-19 persists, a scheduled Practicum may have to meet virtually with a shorter schedule. In that case, the cost and schedule will be adjusted.

NOTE. It may be possible to schedule a Practicum in your church or community, if 10 or more youth leaders and workers from one or several churches or organizations decide to go through this training together. Inquiries can be made at

The cost for each course is $159.00. Included in that cost are

a. ​ ​ access to the online videos,
b. ​ ​ an online copy of the course workbook/text,
c. ​ ​ a hard copy of the workbook/text,
d. ​ ​ a hard copy of Dr. Neil Anderson’s book “Restored”, and
e. ​ ​ a hard copy of “The Steps To Freedom For Young Adults”.

When you register for a course, hard copies (c, d, e) will be sent to you, and your course confirmation and how to access the course will be emailed to you. If you decide to take both courses and register for both at the same time, your discounted cost will be $286.00. You can either register and pay for both courses initially ($286) or register and pay for each course separately ($159 per course). There is additional cost for the Practicum ($399), required for those who want to become Freedom in Christ youth specialists.

For CFM 301/302 you have a choice of three options:Only the full CFM 301 course with videos, the course workbook, and some exercises for checking your understanding of each course module.

Both CFM 301 and CFM 302 courses with videos, both course workbooks, and some exercises for checking your understanding of each course module. Note that CFM 302 requires CFM 301 as a prerequisite. The Freedom in Christ Youth Specialist path consisting of the full CFM 301 and CFM 302 courses with videos, both course workbooks, and some exercises for checking your understanding of each course module, and a Practicum leading to FICM certification as a youth discipleship counseling specialist. ​You must take CFM 301, CFM 302, and the Practicum to become certified.

CFM 301, Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ, is about today’s teens and young adults (Generation Z) – how they think, what they value, what their concerns are, what their emotional and spiritual issues are, and how you might go about enabling them to gain their freedom in Christ.

CFM 302, Identity Based Spiritual Formation, focuses on developing a spiritual formation program based on participants’ understanding of their new nature – their identity in Christ. (You can learn more about the courses by clicking here – course descriptions.

 CFMU Coordinator Track

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